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Rules are no fun. But are necessary to keep you and our kitties safe!
We understand that you may have cats at home and you may know how to interact with them. We ask that you please freshen up on your cat etiquette and review our Cat Lounge rules to ensure the safety of visitors and our cat crew! Below are some tips about approaching a cat, cat body language and the rules to be followed during your visit. 


Get On their Level

Humans are quite a bit larger than cats and standing over them can easily intimidate them.
To make them feel comfortable, crouch down or sit on the floor to make yourself smaller and more approachable. 

Present your hand & allow the cat to sniff you

Cats learn a lot about other cats and humans through smelling them. This helps the cat get used to your scent and more comfortable with your presence. 

Let the cat initiate

Once the cat is finished sniffing you, typically they will start to rub their face on your fingers and hands. This means they are accepting you and is a good time to start slowly petting them. 

Introduce Play

Once you have introduced yourself and the cat has accepted your introduction, you can start to implement play. As the cat interacts with you, the more comfortable the cat will become. They may even curl up on your lap for a nice, long nap!


Peering over the shoulder shows interest. 

A tail that sticks straight up signals being friendly. 

Sitting straight with tail in front indicates attentiveness.

Lying down carelessly indicates being relaxed.

Lying on the back, exposing the tummy indicates trust.

Slow blinks show the cat is content and comfortable.

Sleeping next to you indicates the cat likes and feel relaxed.

A stiff body with rotating ears means being cautious or conflicted. 

Reaching or batting at things indicates the cat is feeling playful.

Scratching, stretching and meowing indicates excitement.

Rubbing against things means it's marking it's territory.

Ears that are pressed back displays being anxious.

Crouching on the floor shows predatory mode.

Tucked body and tail indicated feeling worried or anxious.

Tucked body and tail with pressed back ears, the cat wants to escape and hide.

Loud meowing and aggressiveness means the cat is feeling threatened.

Arched back and flattened ears shows being terrified.

Poofy tail, flat ears, and loud meowing means the cat is super terrified and feeling threatened.

Wagging or "whipping" the tail indicates irritation.

Turning the head or walking away indicates being disgusted.


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    Please treat our cats with respect. This is their house and you are guests! Please refrain from any interaction or behavior that may make our cats feel uncomfortable or threatened.

  • 2.

    Masks are required to be worn by all patrons upon entering the premises. Please remember to bring proper face coverings to help us follow social distancing guidelines.

  • 3.

    We are not a daycare so please keep your personal pets at home. We will provide all the kitties you will need to enjoy your time here in the Cat Lounge.


  • 4.

    Please do not assume that the cats like being picked up. We encourage visitors to sit on the floor or in a chair where cats can climb up on your lap as opposed to picking them up. 

  • 5.

    When entering the café, please do not linger in doorways. We want to ensure that one door is closed before opening another to prevent any potential escapees. 

  • 6.

    We ask all of our visitors to remove their shoes to avoid stepping on any kitties that may get under foot. Slippers are available for purchase. Visitors are also welcome to go barefoot or in their socks or bring slippers from home! 

  • 7.

    Please do not feed any food or beverage to the cats. All drinks must have a lid and baked goods must be attended to. They may beg and plead but we promise you, our cats are well fed! 

  • 8.

    No outside food and drink is permitted into the Cat Lounge for the safety of our cats.  

  • 9.

    Our cats have great hearing and can potentially get easily spooked from loud noises. Please use your inside voice in the Cat Lounge. 

  • 10.

    Watch for any warning signs if a cat seems irritated. We have strangers coming in and out all hours of the day. Sometimes our kitties need a break. If you notice these signs, please leave them be. 

  • 11.

    Visitors are welcome to take photos of our cats and the space. Please just make sure your flash is turned off to not startle the cats! 

  • 12.

    Anyone who does not follow these rules will be asked to leave immediately and will not receive a refund for their paid hour. 



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