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Humble Brag: We have the CUTEST cats around!

We offer a comfortable, cafe-free environment for guests to enjoy a drink and the company of cats! We have 10 cats at any given time, some of which are adoptable through our rescue partner, Ten Lives Club. Come make some new furry friends and maybe even adopt a new furever friend! 

Resident CAts

Resident CAts


Homer is one of the laziest cats you will ever meet! His favorite things are breakfast, napping and dinner! He is the biggest ham and loves when people tell him how handsome he is! If you see Homer awake during one of your visits, relish it because it is a pretty rare occasion to see him active!

Baby Homer


Wanda is a very beautiful floof but she is down to earth for being as beautiful as she is! Wanda loves chasing spring toys and sleeping for hours atop the tallest cat tower. She enjoys giving out kisses on the hand when she is awake to show her appreciation. She is a total doll and super sweet!

Baby Wanda


Vex is also a very beautiful floof and she knows it!! We often call her our "teenage" because she typically has a face that reads "Unimpressed". Vex loves lounging and loves when people tell her how beautiful she is. She must always be reminded of her beauty. Don't forget it!

Baby Vex


Ashi is a small, petite, sweet little girl who often keeps to herself sleeping about the lounge and observing from a distance. Her favorite things in the world are lounging in the window beds and a fresh litter box! She is very welcoming of the incoming shelter kitties and help make them feel at home! 

Baby Ashi


The PuRRFect StoRY

How did the Permanent Residents become Permanent Residents?

The story of our resident cats starts with a stray kitty who was found on the Rez by owner, Jessica Brandon. When Jess found her, she was clearly worse for wear covered in ticks and looking for a meal. She knew she couldn't leave her and decided to take her in. 

Jess took the cat to the vet and they discovered that the kitty was about a year old and was pregnant with kittens. Since she was not much older than being a kitten herself, being young and pregnant earned her the name "Juno". She was taken off the streets just in time to find a warm and comfortable place to have her little babies where they would be safe from any harm. 

On December 1st, 2017, Juno gave birth to four beautiful and healthy kittens, three girls and one boy. We suspect the litter had more than one father since two kittens are short-haired tabbies and the other two kittens are long-haired calicos. The kittens were named Homer, Wanda, Vex and Ashi and now permanently reside here at Purrfect Cafe & Gallery! This means you can see them anytime you visit the Cat Lounge!



Due to the limitations placed on us from the COVID-19 crisis, for the time being, all adoptable cats have been returned to Ten Lives Club's Main Shelter. To contact them, please call (716) 646-5577. 

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe. 



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