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We offer a comfortable, cafe-free environment for guests to enjoy a drink and the company of cats! We have 10-15 cats at any given time, all of which are adoptable through our rescue partner, Tabby Town. Come make some new furry friends and maybe even adopt a new furever friend!



Arrived Feb. 8

Georgia is a beautiful browntabby/tabbico short-haired female estimated to be about 14 years in age. Due to her age, she has earned the name "Gramgram Georgia" around here and she is quite the peach! Georgia was surrendered to a high-kill shelter based in NYC. The staff and volunteers there knew she had a lot more life to live and a lot more love to give so Tabby Town decided to take her in and help her find a luxury retirement home for her. Georgia is super sweet and would love to spend the day next to your side reaping all the head pets she can get. She makes cute little chirpy noises to show her appreciation and would do well in a quiet household!


Arrived Feb. 18

Juliet is a beautiful little short-haired tabbico female estimated to be about 6 months in age. This little ball of love is quite the beauty that will catch your eye and make you fall in love! Juliet is incredibly curious and loveable and is looking for someone to fall in love with her enough to take her home! Juliet was found as a stray off the streets of Buffalo. She was found hanging around a neighborhood and was looking a little rough. Thankfully, a Good Samaritan found her and brought her to Tabby Town where she could be vetted and placed for adoption. She will never miss a wet food meal, loves to play with spring toys and jingle balls, and loves scratches on the neck. She is PRESH! 


Arrived Feb. 21

Nicki is a black and white short haired female estimated to be about 4 years in age. Nicki is a sweet little lady who has a beautiful face and big green eyes (even though her back end may not yet match). Nicki had a rough start as she was found as a stray and was rescued from the streets of Buffalo then transported to Tabby Town in hopes of being placed for adoption. We sometimes call her “Naked Nicki” even though she cannot help that she has patchy fur as it was likely due to allergies from a flea infestation from living on the streets. She will need some time for her hair to grow back to its former glory but don’t let that hold you back from getting to know her! She is super sweet and would do well in the right household.


Arrived Feb. 25

Teddy is a handsome black and white short-haired male estimated to be about 9 years in age. Teddy is real cool cat with an old soul. He loves to have a hooman he trusts to curl up next to and is easily won over by plenty of neck scratches and head pets. He has those “come hither” eyes that will make you melt and before you know it, you will fall fast in love with this sweet gentle-kitty. Teddy was transferred over from the SPCA mostly due to his age. Older cats are deemed “harder to place” but we are very confident that we can help Teddy find his happy place in no time! Teddy would do best in a quieter household with older children and no dogs. If given the chance, he will be your best friend for life!


Arrived Feb. 25

Easten is a black and white short haired male estimated to be about 1-2 years in age. Easten is quite the ham who always has a good story to tell to just about anyone who is willing to listen. He is a very curious cat who loves to watch his favorite bird and squirrel YouTube videos and also loves being a little shadow to watch everything you are doing. Easten was found as a stray kitty residing in a feral cat colony. His rescuer decided that he was much to friendly to leave on the streets so took him to Tabby Town where he could be vetted and processed for adoption. Eastern would do well in just about any home and is ready to chat you up! (He has the best pick up lines ever). If you are interested in this sweet boy, fill out an application today!


Arrived Feb. 25

Joey is a cute short-haired grey tabby male estimated to be about 1 year in age. Joey is quite the little ham and little wild child! He loves to play with string toys, kick sticks, and cat wands (pretty much anything he can get his paws on) and it won’t take long for him to become your best friend. Joey and his sibling, Jill, were personal surrenders due to the owner feeling as though they were no longer able to care for them. Joey is ready to entertain you and keep you on your toes! He is a great cat for anyone looking for a younger, active, higher-energy kind of cat - there is never a dull moment with little Joey around! He would do well in just about any household as he acclimates quickly to new environments. Could he be your new best friend??


Arrived Feb. 25

Jill is an adorable short-haired grey tabby female estimated to be about 1 year in age. Jill is a bit more calm compared to her sibling, Joey. She still enjoys to play but she also really enjoys beings loved and doted over. Jill and her sibling, Joey, were personal surrenders who were given up due to their previous owner feeling that they could no longer care for them. They are now ready to find a furrever home all their own and can be adopted either together or separately. Jill will sometimes take a little longer to warm up to new people compared to her brother Joey, but once she realizes that you have pets to dole out, she will quickly show off her belly to show her appreciation. She would do well in just about any household and is ready to go today!


Arrived Feb. 25

Patches is a gorgeous short-haired tortie female estimated to be about 2 years in age. Patches is a real proper lady who loves to lounge the day away on a soft chair or in the lap of a human she trusts. She has a beautiful face and stunning eyes that you won’t be able to resist and she really knows how to put the charm on! Patches was found as a stray cat living on the streets on the West Side when someone found her half frozen sitting in a snow bank. When the rescuer approached her, she came right up and worked that famous charm of hers. She takes some time to warm up to other cats but is pretty content if they leave her be. She is more of a fan of human affection than she is of feline friendship. She has a way of making you feel loved!


Arrived Feb. 25

Augustus is a grey and white short-haired male estimated to be about 2 years in age. Augustus is a simple man who enjoys a simple life of lounging, being loved and a nice wet food meal here and there. Augustus can come across as a “shier” cat, but he sometimes just needs a little encouragement to come out of his shell. Augustus is still trying to acclimate to this new life of luxury as he was found as a stray kitty living on the streets of Riverside. He is starting to warm up to the idea of two square meals a day, plenty of warm soft surfaces to sleep on, and pretty much all the love he could ask for. He would do best in a lower-energy, quieter household and with a human that will have patience as he gains his confidence. Could he be your match?


Arrived Feb. 26

Shyla Joy is a beautiful medium-haired calico estimated to be about 1-2 years in age. Shyla Joy can be a real love bug when given the chance to warm up, but sometimes takes a little time to get used to new situations and people. She is a kitty that you need to earn her affection and is not a cat that you can force to love you. Shyla Joy came to us as a personal surrender due to the owner moving and feeling as though they can no longer care for her. She is ready to find a true furrever home and is waiting for the right person to come sweep her off her feet. When comfortable, Shyla Joy enjoys long chill sessions on the couch, will sometimes play with wand toys and loves to curl up in a nice box or cubby. She would do well in the right home with the right person.

Augustus in the Box.jpg


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