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Cat Lounge

Cat Lounge Crew/Social Media Coordinator
Part-Time (Estimated ~25-30 Hours)

Description: We are looking for a cat-passionate, customer service-oriented Cat Lounge Crew Member to assist in carrying out daily operational tasks and manage our social media outlets. As a Crew Member, you will help to ensure that the operational, organizational and cleaning standards of the cat lounge meet/exceed expectations. You will work with the Cat Lounge Manager and other Crew Members to providing great customer service to visitors, follow proper cat "colony" management protocols, undertaking administrative tasks, monitoring inventory levels, and creating content for a variety of social media outlets. 


  • Able to manage social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Tiktok (Examples of previous posts or samples of work required) including scheduling of posts, content creation, etc. 

  • Help guests have a fun experience, whether it’s showing them a cat’s favorite toy, swapping cat stories, or just leaving them to enjoy some quiet relaxation.

  • Politely ensure that all guests obey the cat lounge rules and common courtesy, for the safety and comfort of both the cats and our visitors.

  • Able to be in-tune with body language for both cats and humans - Able to spot negative cat or human interactions and can work to defuse them.

  • Act as a matchmaker between potential adopters and cats to help find great, lasting homes. Help conduct adoptions once trained.

  • Keep the lounge tidy, which includes cleaning up human messes (like spilled coffee, wiping down tables or putting away cat wands) and cat messes (like hairballs, picking up anything they knocked over, and kibble bits).

  • Assess cat personalities to help us update the website and cat profile wall with useful information for visitors and adopters.

  • Engaging with customers and answering questions about the cats, adoption process, merch, artwork, etc.

  • General care of animals including waste removal, feeding, cleaning, grooming, etc.

  • Overall supervision of the cat lounge (Of both cats and visitors)

  • Answering the phone to take reservations, answer general questions, etc.

  • Monitoring inventory levels, re-stocking, maintaining a tidy display, etc.



  • Must be at least 18 years of age

  • Minimum of 1 year experience working/caring for multiple animals (whether through rescue, fostering, boarding, volunteering, etc.)

  • Minimum of 1 year experience working in a customer service setting

  • Must be knowledgeable about cat care, behavior, and health

  • Excellent phone communication skills

  • Possess basic computer skills such as but not limited to retail POS, online booking apps, Google Docs, etc. 

  • Must be able to work on your feet, life at least 50 pounds, and bend frequently

  • High Emotional Intelligence and Great Listening Skills: We pride ourselves on welcoming a wide variety of guests with diverse personalities, beliefs, backgrounds, and lifestyles. You must be able to read each interaction and react in an appropriate and respectful manner.

  • Excellent Customer Service…But Not a Pushover: Help customers have an amazing experience, while also enforcing cat lounge rules and educating guests if necessary.

  • Emotional and Physical Resilience: Our work is very rewarding, but equally difficult. Whether it’s saying goodbye to your favorite cat, or enduring cat scratches to load a cat into a carrier, some days can be tough.

  • Team Player: As a small business, we all work closely together and see each other often. We need everyone to do their best, and be willing to lend a hand when things get hectic. Share the workload, and respectfully communicate with the rest of the staff. Cat Lounge staff is cross-trained to help Café Staff when necessary.

  • Memory for Details: Must be able to remember the cats’ personalities and backgrounds, the coffee menu, details about regular visitors, etc.

  • Outgoing, Active Entertainer: It’s your job to actively move around the room answering questions and giving advice about which toys to use, how to pet each cat, etc. Sometimes, cats are independent and don’t feel like socializing. During those times, it’s your job to make the experience great through conversation, suggesting games and books, etc.

  • Basic coffee/café knowledge preferred

  • Previous restaurant experience preferred

  • Must be available for the following Shifts (please do not apply if your availability cannot accommodate): 

    • Fridays: 10 AM - 7 PM​

    • Saturdays: 10 AM - 7 PM

    • Sundays: 10 AM - 6 PM